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The beginning section of our Batman Arkham Knight walkthrough. The introduction follows Officer Owens into a Café store



Batman Arkham Knight Main Menu

Batman Arkham Knight follows on from the events of Batman Arkham City and it becomes all to evident from the very beginning of the game.

Anyway after the opening cinematic we will now be in control of Officer Owens and we will be at a Café store. Owens will be making his order with the waitress when a random individual comes up and starts complaining about someone smoking in the back of the store.

You cannot speak with any of the other customers in the store so just proceed and speak with the smoker in the back, the one sitting all alone next to the window. He will be the only customer that we can speak to. (Confront Smoking Customer)

A scene will then trigger and though we can fire a few shots there is nothing much we can do in truth, so just let the scene play out.

Once the scene ends we will then be in control of the Dark Knight, Batman. The caped crusader. Our first mission objective will be to go and meet up with Commissioner Gordon

You can track the mission objective by accessing the map menu (Touchpad – Playstation) and here the mission marker will appear. Our first marker is located south, in The Cauldron section of the map. This is our current destination so head over there to continue.

Of course before you go and meet up with Commissioner Gordon you are free to get accustomed to the different controls. Plus the combat mechanics too, there are plenty of thugs waiting for us on the streets. Most of these mechanics are very much similar to the past Batman Arkham titles. So if you have managed to play those before then you should not have any trouble learning it all once again.

The city and environments are really amazing, as too is the soundtrack. So I do recommend you do some exploration whenever possible. Just enjoy all that is on offer and embrace it all before we begin the actual main story.


Meeting Up With Commissioner Gordon

Once you are ready to continue simply head south of the map, to The Cauldron and GCPD building. Here we will meet up with Commissioner Gordon.

During the scene we will get a report regarding Unit 2-47 and that will be our next destination, to go and help rescue the missing police officer. (Oracle Character Bio Added)

Head towards Chinatown and we will come across an incident involving Officer Kevern, lets go and intervene. After taking down the thugs proceed and speak with the Officer.

From there proceed and summon the Batmobile (Even The Odds). This way we can give chase to the vehicle that tried to run us down.


The Batmobile

The Batmobile plays a much bigger role within this game compared to the previous Batman Arkham titles, so make sure you are ready and get used to the driving mechanics.

To continue hit the accelerate and lets begin the chase! (Batmobile Character Showcase Unlocked)

As you begin to drive the Batmobile you will notice arrows on the ground, this is actually our waypoint. Whenever you target something such as a location or a vehicle we will then be presented with a waypoint. A waypoint then tells us what direction we need to be heading in. So basically follow them.

As we continue the chase the remaining detectives will abandon their efforts and we will be alone in the pursuit. This is when the military vehicle will start releasing RPG rockets, so try to avoid those.

When you get close to the military vehicle we will get a target indicator. This indicator will be circle shaped and will get smaller in size the closer we are to our target. When the timing is right proceed and launch an Immobilizer at the target to slow them down.

Once the military vehicle is down proceed and interrogate the wounded driver. (Interrogate Soldier)


Our next destination is in Chinatown. Not too far away actually. According to the map. Head to the rooftop and you should be able to hear a conversation between the Militia and Poison Ivy.

Perform a Stealth Takedown and eliminate the enemy threat. A scene will then play out.

The Militia will have us surrounded however, we do have the option of using our Batmobile. Summon it by using the Batmobile Remote option.

Now we can take full advantage of the Batmobile and switch over to Battle Mode. This mode will allow us to take down enemy vehicles with much more ease and proficiency.

As soon as we switch over to the Battle Mode enemy Militia will appear. Take those down and eliminate them. Watch out for their attacks though. You can tell when they are about to attack as there will be red indicators on the screen.

After the combat vehicle battle proceed and pick up Poison Ivy, who will be waiting by the doorway.


Missile Barrage Bar (Level 1)

After picking up Poison Ivy we will then be forced to learn more about the Batmobile battle mode mechanics. This is basically a tutorial section of the game.

The first section of the system diagnostics will task us with simply destroying the enemy vehicles. These vehicles will remain idle during this section and thus making it much easier to just aim and fire at them.

As we continue to destroy these vehicles the missile barrage bar will keep filling up. There are two of these missile barrage bars. Each of which will target enemy vehicles and cause extra damage.

However, the first bar (Missile Barrage Level 1) will only be able to target a single enemy vehicle. Whilst having both bars filled will activate (Missile Barrage Level 2) and target up to a total of four enemy vehicles.

For having completed the diagnostic test we will be rewarded with a WayneTech Upgrade Point. Which is basically used to improve our overall abilities and skills.

We can upgrade our skills and abilities in the WayneTech menu.


Now that we have a rough idea of how to attack enemy vehicles using the Batmobile we now want to head to Panessa Studios, which is to the east of the map. More militia vehicles will be waiting for us.

Once you are done eliminating the enemy vehicle threat we can then report to the Gotham GCPD building in order to show Poison Ivy to her prison cell.

After the scene feel free to speak with Poison Ivy for some optional dialogue. We can also inspect the rest of the building too if you want. However in order to continue on with the story we will need to find and speak to Detective Gordon.

Detective Cash will then give us a rundown on our next available missions. This will also unlock some bonus optional missions that we can now undergo. Missions including rescuing members of the fire crew (The Line Of Duty), The Perfect Crime, and Riddler’s Revenge. All of these are considered as optional missions.

In order to continue on with the main story mission we will want to track and follow the City of Fear mission. The mission that is usually at the top of this mission wheel. With the green and black exclamation logo.

It is up to you what you want to do at this point but for the purpose of this walkthrough we will be continuing on with the main story. Please refer to my other articles for the other missions.


Stop Scarecrow From Detonating The Fear Toxin Bomb –

+ Meet Commissioner Gordon by the Bat-Signal on the GCPD rooftop

+ Rescue the missing police officer

+ Interrogate the driver of the military vehicle for information on Scarecrow

+ Investigate Scarecrow’s safe house

+ Run Battle Mode weapon energy system diagnostics

+ Destroy the squadron of drone tanks occupying Panessa Studios

+ Take Ivy to the GCPD Lockup


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