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Batman Arkham VR is a rather short title that only features a total of 8 different mission chapters that are split into three different acts. Meaning that the main story can easily be beat in less than 10 hours. However, to try and make up for the rather short story there is, of course, the addition of collecting the Riddler collectibles and puzzles.

In order to unlock the ability to start solving the Riddler challenges you will, first, need to complete the main story. Only after the main story has been successfully completed can you then begin on ‘completing’ the rest of the game.

For the most part, the Riddler collectibles mainly feature players having to solve various different riddles, finding the hidden ‘Riddle boxes’, and completing the ‘question mark graffiti’.

Below is a simple guide on how to find and solve all of the Riddler challenges that are in ‘Batcaves‘ mission chapter.


RIDDLER BOX: At the start of the ‘Batcaves’ mission chapter you will find yourself at the ‘Forensics’ table. Here look for a small ‘Riddler’ style cartridge. Grab it and insert it into the computer. We will then be tasked with using the ‘Batarang’ in order to hit target. Aim for the ‘green’ targets. Score a total of 20 or more to earn this one. To score 20 or more you cannot hit the wrong target. Doing so will result in time loss

RIDDLER GRAFFITI: Whilst at the ‘Forensics’ table we will get to interact with the spotlight underneath us. Aim this spotlight at the wall to the left in order to find the ‘green graffiti’. In order to complete it however, we will need to grapple on over to the ‘Surveillance’ table. Here we will find a small message device. Use the device on the wall.

TARGETS: There are several targets hidden within the wall. The only way we can see them is by using the spotlight that resides beneath the ‘Forensics’ table. Use the spotlight on the cave walls.

RIDDLER GRAFFITI: Head to the ‘Batcomputer’ and activate the character panel. You want to select the character ‘Robin’. Turn Robin around so that his back is now facing you. Then scan his cape. You will now find the ‘green mark’. In order to complete it we need to grab one of the cartridges to the left. One of these cartridges has a ‘green mark’ on it that will allow us to complete this next one.

RIDDLE (Once fresh now faded, ravaged by time. His hand-picked accessory to many a crime): At the ‘Batcomputer’ you will want to activate the character panel. The character you want to select is ‘The Joker’. From there we will need to use the cartridges on the left in order to cycle through his various different poses. Select the cartridge on the top far right. Then scan The Joker’s weapon.

RIDDLER BOX: This is another one that can be found at the ‘Batcomputer’. Simply look over the railing. Behind the character panel screen.

RIDDLE (It thirsted for blood but drinks no more. The Demon is dead but here’s his claw): Scan the computer at the ‘Forensics’ table and we will locate the riddle. From there grapple on over to the ‘Case Files’ table. The solution to the riddle is RA’s’ Sword from Arkham City.

RIDDLE (A frightening symbol, yet also inspiring. Treading around it must be tiring): Head to the ‘Bat Garage’ and activate the ‘Bat Wing’. Here you will want to scan the actual wing of this flying machine in order to locate the riddle. The answer and solution to which is on the ‘Batmobile’. The one that becomes available from the start of the game. Not the unlocked ones. Scan the tyre of the Batmobile.

RIDDLER BOX: At the ‘Bat Garage’ simply look up to find a ‘green marker’. We now need to open the bay doors using the ‘Bat Wing’. The ‘Riddler Box’ is located inside the hangar bay doors.

RIDDLER BOX: This one is located in the ‘Bat Garage’. Here you will want to activate the ‘Batmobile’. The normal one, not any of the newly unlocked ones. The ‘Riddler Box’ is located on the backside or boot of the vehicle.


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