Batman Arkham VR – All Riddler Challenges (Bird Cage)

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Batman Arkham VR is a rather short title that only features a total of 8 different mission chapters that are split into three different acts. Meaning that the main story can easily be beat in less than 10 hours. However, to try and make up for the rather short story there is, of course, the addition of collecting the Riddler collectibles and puzzles.

In order to unlock the ability to start solving the Riddler challenges you will, first, need to complete the main story. Only after the main story has been successfully completed can you then begin on ‘completing’ the rest of the game.

For the most part, the Riddler collectibles mainly feature players having to solve various different riddles, finding the hidden ‘Riddle boxes’, and completing the ‘question mark graffiti’.

Below is a simple guide on how to find and solve all of the Riddler challenges that are in ‘Bird Cage‘ mission chapter.


SECURITY CAMERA #1: We can locate this security camera right at the start of this mission chapter. Simply look up and to the left of the sewer entrance to find it.

RIDDLER GRAFFITI: As you continue through the sewers, be sure to keep an eye on the wall. We basically need to locate a green arrow that is written on this wall. When you find it, look up to find a hook of some sort with a green dot or circle on it. Take this hook with you, do not throw it away and discard it.
Continue on through this sewer until you reach Robin. Do not grapple down to him just yet. Instead, you will want to locate the pillars in this room alongside the cages. Get out your scanner and begin scanning the pillars in order to find an incomplete ‘question mark’. Use the hook we just found to complete it and solve this one.

SECURITY CAMERA #2: Just before we grapple on down to Robin. Look up towards the cages and pillars in order to find this security camera.

ELECTRICAL BOX: Backtrack through the sewer tunnel. Again, do not grapple down to Robin. Here you will want to start searching the walls as some of these walls will have views in to the next area. In fact, if you are quick enough, you will actually catch the tail end of Killer Croc. Anyway, the electrical box can be found here.

RIDDLER BOX: Just before we grapple, on down to Robin. You will notice several green flags just hung up. If you equip your scanner and start scanning these green flags, you will notice that they have letters on. Put these letters together and they will spell out the name ‘Nigma’. Which of course is the Riddlers name, so it makes sense.
In order to solve this one, we need to now equip the batarang. Next to these green flags are several green buttons and next to those is our Riddler box. Basically, we need to aim the batarang at these green buttons and make the word ‘Nigma’ using the green flags to help us. This will then be ours for the taking.

RIDDLE (To clip ones wings is quite distressing. What else to do when this needs dressing?): OK, grapple on down to Robin. Here we will be tasked with removing the fuse box door. Thus presenting us with our next puzzle and our broken fuse. The Riddle itself is written on the back of this fuse box door, so remove it and look at the back of it. The solution and answer to this one is, of course, Robin’s leg as it’s currently bandaged up. So equip the scanner and scan Robbin’s leg.


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