Batman Arkham VR – All Riddler Challenges (Dead End)

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Batman Arkham VR is a rather short title that only features a total of 8 different mission chapters that are split into three different acts. Meaning that the main story can easily be beat in less than 10 hours. However, to try and make up for the rather short story there is, of course, the addition of collecting the Riddler collectibles and puzzles.

In order to unlock the ability to start solving the Riddler challenges you will, first, need to complete the main story. Only after the main story has been successfully completed can you then begin on ‘completing’ the rest of the game.

For the most part, the Riddler collectibles mainly feature players having to solve various different riddles, finding the hidden ‘Riddle boxes’, and completing the ‘question mark graffiti’.

Below is a simple guide on how to find and solve all of the Riddler challenges that are in ‘Dead End‘ mission chapter.


ELECTRICAL BOX #1: As soon as the mission begins. You will want to look at the wall of the building to the left. Here we will find the electrical box. It is opposite the window that showcases evidence of the character Mad Hatter.

ELECTRICAL BOX #2: Now from the first electrical box, if you turn your attention down towards the ground below and look at the wall opposite, you should be able to find this next box. Use the grappling gun to destroy it.

SECURITY CAMERA: We can find this security camera on the wall next to the set of Windows. Simply look up to find it. Use a batarang to destroy it. If you are still struggling to find it, you will need to jump over to the railing below.

RIDDLE BOX: This Riddle box is an easy one to spot. It sits on the wall just above the trash bin. Just below the Riddle box we have three green buttons. In order to solve this one, you will need to equip the batarang. Use the batarang to aim and target all of these green buttons.
Every time you have successfully aimed and targeted one of these green buttons, it will turn off. We need all three buttons turned off in order to successfully complete this one.

RIDDLER GRAFFITI #1: In order to find this green graffiti, we need to head to the ground floor near where Nightwing is located. On the wall here, you will want to get out your scanner. Begin to scan the wall and you will notice a green question mark. Well, half of one at least. It is missing the crucial dot at the end. Let us go and find it.
In order to find it, you will want to grapple right to the top walkway. Near the Mad Hatter window. Here you will see an apple. Take this apple and you will notice that it has a strange green dot on it. Yes, this is the dot that we are looking for to complete the question mark. Grapple back down to the ground now and use it on the wall.

RIDDLE (An immoral den where gangsters chill. The kind, with more than time to kill): This Riddle basically relates to a poster that we can find. On this poster is a picture of the Iceberg Lounge. In order to locate this poster, you will need to look at the trash bin. It is basically posted on this very bin.


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