Batman Arkham VR – All Riddler Challenges (Suit Up)

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Batman Arkham VR is a rather short title that only features a total of 8 different mission chapters that are split into three different acts. Meaning that the main story can easily be beat in less than 10 hours. However, to try and make up for the rather short story there is, of course, the addition of collecting the Riddler collectibles and puzzles.

In order to unlock the ability to start solving the Riddler challenges you will, first, need to complete the main story. Only after the main story has been successfully completed can you then begin on ‘completing’ the rest of the game.

For the most part, the Riddler collectibles mainly feature players having to solve various different riddles, finding the hidden ‘Riddle boxes’, and completing the ‘question mark graffiti’.

Below is a simple guide on how to find and solve all of the Riddler challenges that are in ‘Suit Up‘ mission chapter.


#1 RIDDLE BOX: During this mission chapter, we can find the first Riddle box down at the bottom left of the screen. It is hiding just below the platforms that we’re on. Simply wait until you have the ‘Grappling Gun’ and then use it to grab the box.

#2 RIDDLE (This metal has lost its way. Perhaps it was a ricochet?): This Riddle can be found by scanning the black coloured pipe. The solution is actually a batarang. Simply turn to the right of this coloured pipe and you will see a batarang has lodged itself into another nearby pipe. Find this lodged batarang and scan it.
Warning though, as the colour of the batarang is pretty much identical to that of the pipe it’s lodged in. It may have a habit of blending in.

#3 RIDDLE BOX: Equip the grappling gun and proceed to descend into the caves below. As you begin to descend, watch out for the Riddle box. Which is situated between both this mission and the caves.


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