Batman Arkham VR – All Riddler Challenges (The Manor)

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Batman Arkham VR is a rather short title that only features a total of 8 different mission chapters that are split into three different acts. Meaning that the main story can easily be beat in less than 10 hours. However, to try and make up for the rather short story there is, of course, the addition of collecting the Riddler collectibles and puzzles.

In order to unlock the ability to start solving the Riddler challenges you will, first, need to complete the main story. Only after the main story has been successfully completed can you then begin on ‘completing’ the rest of the game.

For the most part, the Riddler collectibles mainly feature players having to solve various different riddles, finding the hidden ‘Riddle boxes’, and completing the ‘question mark graffiti’.

Below is a simple guide on how to find and solve all of the Riddler challenges that are in ‘The Manor‘ mission chapter.


#1 PUZZLE: This puzzle can be found at the table with all of the Arkham Knight building models. Here we will see a Riddler puzzle box with the number 13 on it. Remember this number as it is very important.
Now, if you take hold of one of these building models and look underneath, you should notice several dots. It is a bit like a domino. These dots represent numbers. Some of these building models will have red dots, whilst others will be green. This is all very important
The green dots mean addition. And the red dots mean subtraction. We need to use these building models in order to make the number 13 as shown on the Riddle puzzle.

#2 RIDDLE BOX: This Riddle box is actually an easy find. It is situated on the giant globe next to the sofas. Simply turn this globe around and you will notice it.

#3 RIDDLE BOX: This Riddle box is located inside the small drawer by the piano. Simply pull open this draw and you will see it.


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