LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – All Chrome Dome Down Mission Challenges Guide

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The Chrome Dome Down mission features a total of 3 different mission challenges, this includes Heads Up, Chrome Dome!, Phasma-Tastic!, and Trouble Underfoot

MISSION CHALLENGE: Heads Up, Chrome Down
DESCRIPTION: Find a way to drop a TIE interceptor on top of Captain Phasma
GUIDE: When you are tasked with defeating Captain Phasma. You will find that Phasma enjoys hiding behind a shield barrier. In order to defeat him you are going to need to surprise him and you can do this by aiming and dropping the sliding TIE ships above him. Obviously make sure it lands on him too.

DESCRIPTION: Inflict damage on Captain Phasma in 9 unique ways.
GUIDE: In order to complete this one you are going to have to find 9 unique ways of inflicting damage on Captain Phasma.

Captain Phasma has a total of 3 different phases during his fight, each one will feature 3 different possible ways to inflicting damage to him.


  1. Use the TIE ships above him (Like you would for the Heads Up, Chrome Down challenge)
  2. You can destroy the nearby objects to find pieces to construct a Stun-web Shooter
  3. Ride the ball over on the ramp (corner of the area) and place it on the red button. The ball will then launch into the air and cause damage to Captain Phasma


  1. Use the turret gun in the middle of the area and aim for the red switch on the stand that Phasma is on. This will then lower the stand and Phasma will come crashing down to the ground floor
  2. Use the computer terminal next to the TIE Fighter
  3. Next to the large yellow box in the north west corner there will be a set of stairs. Climb them and take aim at Captain Phasma. This will stun him. Now head to the turret gun and begin firing at Captain Phasma, don’t worry the shield barrier will easily be removed.


  1. To the right of the area there will be a weapons case, inside it there is an Incinerator Flamethrower and Repeating Blaster. Use the latter one to cause damage to him
  2. Climb up the set of ladders to the north east and pull the lever to vacuum the trash, which, of course, includes Captain Phasma.
  3. Next to the weapons case is a rack of blue energy containers, insert one of them into the machine next to it. This will activate the AT-AT machines, or rather the conveyor above you. Drop one of these AT-AT machines on top of Captain Phasma (As you did for the Heads Up, Chrome Down challenge)

MISSION CHALLENGE: Trouble Underfoot
DESCRIPTION: Trample 10 stormtroopers in the AT-ST
GUIDE: When trying to escape the hangar you will end up riding an AT-ST. Simply walk and squish any stormtroopers you come across.


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