Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Terror Heads To The XBox Game Pass. Includes Season 2 Update

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The third-person shooter title is now heading to the XBox Game Pass and it will arrive with the Season 2 update, XBox confirm

Aliens: Fireteam Elite takes place 23 years after the original Alien trilogy films, where players must control the character of a Colonial Marine who finds themselves on the UAS Endeavor, a ship that is responsible for answering distress calls.

The game comes with various different character classes such as the Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, Doc, Phalanx, and Recon. Alongside four-story campaigns.

The XBox Game Pass version, as mentioned, will also come with the Season 2 update which includes a new game mode known as Point Defense, where teams must protect, repair, and successfully try to hold a number of strategic points all while waves of enemies come charging in.

Several new weapons, attachments, cosmetics, and challenge cards will also be included too.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite was originally released back in August, 2021. It is also available on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, XBox One, and XBox Series X/S

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