Apex Legends™ – A ‘Stories from the Outlands’ Intro for New Legend, Catalyst

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Bold, calm, and beautiful, what else can anyone ask for?

Apex Legends will be entering Season 15 very soon. There will be a few new additions to the game, including a brand new Legend that many have been clamouring to see for a while now.

As shared on the game’s official website, we’re getting one new character to play with, a new map to enjoy, and an exciting Battle Pass system codenamed Eclipse that offers cool new rewards for everyone to unlock.

The first leak about Apex Legends’ latest character came all the way back in August 2022, shared by SWL here:

After months of speculation with no official footage in sight, Catalyst’s legitimate appearance was finally revealed in a recent ‘Stories from the Outlands’ video.

Here’s the short animated reveal in question:

Source: Apex Legends (YouTube)

Catalyst – her real name is Tressa Smith – seems to be quite the shy person, and she does seem to harbour romantic feelings for her friend too.

That being said, almost every Legend has their sad backstories, so this is probably Catalyst’s motivation to continue her good fight.

Catalyst’s Abilities

So far, no confirmed details have been shared about Catalyst’s abilities in Apex Legends. However, rumours have already circulated about them.

SWL had also covered this on his Twitter previously:

Essentially, the 3 possible in-game abilities that Catalyst may end up having are:

Reinforce (Passive)

  • Catalyst uses her ferrofluid to strengthen barricades like doors or ferrofluid structures while standing near them.

Resin Shot (Tactical)

  • Catalyst shoots a specialised ferrofluid bullet that creates a small platform (walk-able).
  • These platforms can stack with other Resin Shots up to 3 times.

Ferro Wall (Ultimate)

  • Catalyst conjures a massive ferrofluid wall underneath her, creating a strong impassable barrier below while she enjoys height advantage.

It is already established that Catalyst will utilise the mysterious substance seen in the earlier video, ferrofluid, as her means of combat.

To clarify, these details have NOT BEEN CONFIRMED, but judging from SWL’s on-point leaks so far, they might be present during Catalyst’s development throughout the past few months, at the very least.

Whatever the case, it’s still good to have some insight of our latest Legend’s offensive skillset.

Let’s wait and see if these actually turn out to be true come 1st November (Tuesday).

Apex Legends is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: EA Games, YouTube

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