Apex Legends™ Mobile – Changes Introduced for The Latest Update, ‘Champions’

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Things might actually be more competitive on mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile is now welcoming its Season 3 update, Champions. Introducing a new Legend into the current roster, a new signature weapon has also been added, apart from the usual game-balancing fixes, of course.

Downloaded more than 10 million times by players all over the world, the free-to-play battle royale shooter is as popular as its ‘older brother’, Apex Legends. That being said, its in-game contents and updates are a little bit lacking due to its relatively newer presence on the market.

Nevertheless, with the release of Season 3: Champions, Apex Legends Mobile is gradually catching up to its more prominent predecessor, continuing with the addition of the fearsome humanoid killer, Ash.

Here’s a reveal of what’s in store for us in Champions:

Source: Apex Legends Mobile (YouTube)

Other welcomed changes include:

  • Fade’s signature weapon, Constellation
  • Second Shot Blitz mode (Battle Royale)
  • Halloween Event collectibles and rewards
  • New Faction Missions
  • World’s Edge and Kings Canyon maps now included in Normal and Ranked play
  • The Coliseum is the New Town Takeover (Kings Canyon)
  • Exclusive Champions Battle Pass
  • Gameplay updates, balancing, and many more.

For those that have never played Apex Legends Mobile before, this is the perfect time to do so, taking advantage of the new season refresh.

After all, who wouldn’t want to play a triple-A (AAA) game on their mobile while on the go?

Ash’s Abilities & Perks

A simulacrum – robot that uses a functioning human brain to think – Ash is basically a genius Dr. Ashleigh Reid. Working for a mercenary group, she was subsequently involved in a lab explosion that caused her to be what she is now.

Ash is Dr. Reid’s cold and aggressive split personality, which mirrors her actions during combat. However, her brain has started to remember who she was previously, allowing the ‘real’ Dr. Reid to gradually come out again, sparking an endless personal struggle for the psychotic assassin, Ash.

Ash is already present in the main Apex Legends game, but this is the first time she is available for the mobile version. In Apex Legends Mobile, these are Ash’s abilities for us to use in-game:


Marked for Death

  • Ash’s map reveals the location of recent Death Boxes and surviving enemies.

Arc Snare

  • Throws a snare that damages and immobilises the first enemy hit.

Phase Breach

  • Opens a portal to any location on the map.


Spoils of War

  • Death Boxes appear on Ash’s map and are coloured according to the highest grade loot available inside.

Enhanced Hunting

  • Ash’s Data Knife reveals more information after 3 Death Box extractions, and periodically sees the killer’s team on the map after extracting 6 Death Boxes.

Red-Handed Reveal

  • Pings the location of an enemy that is using a scanned Death Box.

Instigator’s Precision

  • Ash is able to adjust the trajectory of Arc Snare but her throw speed is reduced.

Enduring Trap

  • Arc Snare will remain after being thrown but can be destroyed by enemies.

Shadow Step

  • Phase Breach’s cooldown is reduced to 7 seconds after first use, but the distance of teleportation is significantly reduced as well.

Battle Adaptation

  • Finishers add 100 points to Ash’s EVO Shield.

Deadly Momentum

  • Finishers reduce the Phase Breach’s cooldown by 30%.

Map Subscription

  • Finishers refill your active weapon’s ammo and increases reloading speed for 8 seconds.

Ash’s abilities and perks are designed to make her the perfect killer in Apex Legends, but that doesn’t mean she’s overpowered. In fact, most of her skills lack any defensive capabilities, but the only way to know for sure is to play her in Apex Legends Mobile for ourselves.

Apex Legends Mobile is playable now on Android and Apple smartphones, available from Google Play and Apple App store.

Source: EA Games, Apex Legends Mobile

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