Arashi: Castles of Sin – VR Stealth Action Title Set To Release August 10

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Arashi: Castles of Sin is a new and upcoming stealth action game for the Playstation VR, in which you play as a shinobi named Kenshiro who must embark on a quest for justice.

To go alongside the new release date announcement, we also got a tasty looking trailer. In this new trailer we get a glimpse of the combat mechanics, such as taking foes down with the trusty bow. Of course, you can also use other various different stealth approaches in order to feel like a true shinobi

Transport yourself to feudal Japan, where a dark and treacherous conspiracy has engulfed the country in chaos. Become one with the shadows and embark on quest for justice as Kenshiro, a shinobi and the last surviving son of the noble House Arashi.

· Become a ninja – keep to the shadows and stealthily take down your enemies
· Scale rooftops, climb to great heights, repel and strike from above
· Build an arsenal of authentic feudal-era Japanese weapons
· Guide and utilize the instincts of Haru, your faithful wolf companion

Immerse yourself in a suspenseful drama rife with political intrigue and revenge

SOURCE: Endeavor One

Arashi: Castles of Sin will be launching this August 10th

You can check out the new trailer below..

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