Bravely Default II 2 – The Hit JRPG Now Makes Its Way To PC On September 2. Includes 10% Discount

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Bravely Default II 2 is the sequel the 2012 title, Bravely Default, it features a brand new story and cast of characters. It also marks the third entry into the popular JRPG series

This time you explore the continent of Excillant as your search for the four elemental crystals. However, as you continue your search you soon discover that a an evil fairy known as Edna is trying to summon a being of great power in order to destroy and rid the world of humans.

Originally released back on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, the game was met with mostly positive reviews on release with a score of 76 over on Metacritic. Praising the game for its amazing soundtrack and intriguing combat system

In addition to a traditional, turn-based battle system that combines jobs and abilities, you can enjoy innovative and strategic battles unique to the Bravely series by taking control of your turns via the Brave and Default system.

Brave and Default

Brave Points (BP) dictate how many actions a character can use in a single turn. Players can have characters ‘Default’ to stock up to three additional BP to use in a turn, or characters can ‘Brave’, to use more than one BP to perform multiple actions. Balancing stockpiling and using BP is a key component in battle strategy.

Jobs and Abilities

Each character can exhibit both a primary and secondary job class, with each job specializing in different abilities. Combining jobs allow you to handle two abilities simultaneously. You can create an all-rounder balanced in offense and defense, or perhaps a character that specializes in magic. Your tactics and how you develop each character are up to you.

Acquire New Jobs

“Asterisk bearers” will often block your path forward. By defeating them, you will obtain an Asterisk that enables you to change jobs.


Bravely Default II will now be making its way to the PC on September 2nd

You can now purchase the game over on Steam at a 10% discount, this offer ends on September 13th

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