Chocobo GP – Feathers Fly Come March 10th. Features Story Mode Plus Multiplayer Racing

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Feathers fly come March 10th, 2022. As Chocobo GP lands on the Nintendo Switch bringing both story mode and multiplayer racing madnes!

Chocobo GP is said to be a direct sequel to the 1999’s Chocobo Racing, which first got released back on the Playstation. It will feature many iconic characters such as the Moogle, Gilgamesh, and many more. As you race around various different circuits in your attempts to become the best racing driver.

According to the official Chocobo GP website, the game will also feature many different tournaments both online and offline. Plus a storyline where you can unlock further characters and courses.

Here is a brief summary of what one might expect come March..


  • Story Mode – Adventure through the campaign to unlock characters and courses. 
  • Series Races – Drift and boost your way through 4 tracks in a row and compete for the highest score – online or locally with 2-player split screen. 
  • Time Attack – Race against other players’ ghosts –or your own- from across the world and test just how fast you can go. 
  • Custom Races – Create your own crazy challenge by controlling the number of tracks and Magicite you can have in your own Custom Race – you can even invite friends to try it out, or share your Joycons with a friend for 2-player local fun!  
  • Chocobo GP Mode: Compete against up to 64 players in an online knock-out tournament and prove you’re the best racer – the rewards will change with every season pass!

The team over at Square Enix have also announced a Chocobo GP Lite Version, which basically acts as a playable demo. It will be released alongside Chocobo GP and will be free to play. However, players will have limited features and characters.

Multiplayer will be available during the Lite Version, though they will need to join a multiplayer lobby that has been hosted by someone owning the full game.

Any saved progress such as in-game currency will be available to transfer to the main game, should you opt to purchase it.

A new trailer to celebrate the announcement was released, which you can see below..

  • GAME: Chocobo GP
  • DEVELOPER: Square Enix
  • PUBLISHER: Square Enix
  • RELEASE DATE: March 10th, 2022
  • PLATFORM: Nintendo Switch
  • GENRE: Racing
  • SOURCE: Square Enix
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