Conqueror’s Blade – The Latest Patch Update Is Said To Of Added New Ranked Battle Rewards

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A new patch update has arrived to the Free-to-Play tactical MMO game, Conqueror’s Blade

This latest update is said to include new Ranked Battle rewards for those warriors who deem worthy enough to take part and reap the winnings

Several new bug fixes where also included as part of the update, issues that related to spawn points and more..


1) Ranked Battle Rank Rewards
To rewards Warlords who fight tooth and nail in Ranked Battle, we’ve added new Rank rewards to Ranked Battle this week. Warlords, all you have to do to claim the different Rank rewards is to reach that Rank. Should you have an unlucky streak of battles and drop down a Rank, fear not, you will still be able to claim rewards equal to your highest Rank reached. You can view and claim the exact Rank rewards within the Rank Reward menu in [Matching] – [Ranked Battle].

2) Bug Fixes & Improvements
1. Resolved an issue where some players weren’t able to deselect the “Conqueror’s City” and “Conqueror’s Gate” options within the World Map (access via the M key);
2. Resolved an issue where the “Armour of the Hidden Dragon” hero attire would on the World Map be displayed as the “Warrior Mouse Attire”;
3. Resolved an issue where, in Conqueror’s City Siege Battles, the Siege Gangplank minimap icon would display an incorrect movement direction;
4. Resolved the following issues where the nodes of Halberdiers, Halberdier Sergeants, and Squires would not take effect:
– Resolved an issue where the Halberdiers’ ‘Damage’ node effect “Increases armour penetration after sprinting by 8%” didn’t take effect;
– Resolved an issue where the Halberdier Sergeants’ Unwavering node effect “Increases damage after charging by 8%” didn’t take effect;
– Resolved an issue where the Squires’ Unwavering node effect “Increases damage after charging by 8%” didn’t take effect;
5. Resolved an issue where, after Incendiary Archers used the skill Arrow Rain, the bonus gained from Burn Them All in unit training, and Refine Incendiary Oil from the unit tree would be lost;
6. Resolved an issue where, at the last flag area within Continopolis (The Fall of History), the respawn markers wouldn’t be displayed for attackers;
7. Resolved an issue where, in the Wall Fort (Ranked Battle) stage, the bridge to the left of the outer defenses would sometimes disappear;
8. Improved the spawn points and join points of attackers within the Conqueror’s City (Capital) map. Attackers can now join the battle closer to the front lines;

9. The sound effects of certain units within the unit menu has been reverted to the original version due to poor sound quality, and will be replaced again once they have been improved;
10. Resolved an issue where the deployment time in Conqueror’s City (Siege Battle) was too short.


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