Contract Killer : New Four-Player Beat ‘Em Up Announced For PC

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A new 2.5D co-op beat ’em up game has been announced for PC

The game is said to feature a retro arcade style with chaotic combos to master and boss fights to take down.

Contract Killer builds on retro arcade beat ‘em ups and paper aesthetics with chaotic combos, boss fights, hand-crafted pixel visuals, an original, jazzy soundtrack, and an emphasis on cooperation. Tackle the comical campaign with up to 4 players, unlock skins and new characters, fight against your friends, or try to survive an endless horde mode!


● Up to 4 player co-op across all modes
● Unlock new skins for your favorite character
● Experience the Story of Leadhead and his crew and defeat epic bosses
● Fight endless waves of contracts in Horde Mode with the help of various power-ups
● Challenge your friends in player versus player Battle Mode to test your skills
● Use an extensive kit of attacks for all your contract-killing goodness
● Master each character’s jabs, claps, grabs, ground-pounds, dashes, and projectiles
● Take on various corporate lackeys each with distinct behaviors and weaknesses to learn


Contract Killer is said to be releasing sometime summer 2021 for the PC

  • GAME: Contract Killer
  • DEVELOPER: Paperboy Games
  • PUBLISHER: Paperboy Games
  • RELEASE DATE: Summer 2021
  • GENRE: Co-op, Beat ’em up, 2.5D
  • SOURCE: Steam
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