Cyberpunk 2077 – Returns To The Playstation Store This June 21st.. Apparently..

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After spending several months off the Playstation Store due to the dismal quality of the game, with various game bugs and glitches that players deemed as unplayable. Yes, it was a terrible launch for such a highly anticipated title and a lot of fans, myself included, were not impressed.

Anyway the team over at Sony have confirmed that as of June 21st Cyberpunk 2077 is now allowed back on the Playstation Store, however the team also advised players that there are still issues on the base Playstation 4 and thus they should prioritise playing the game on the Playstation 4 Pro or the Playstation 5 instead.

The team over at CD Projekt Red are still working hard to bring patches and updates to the game, and I guess Sony have seen their effort and decided to give them another chance on their store.



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