Dead By Daylight – Latest Sale Marks The End Of Crossover Stranger Things

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Back in 2019 Dead By Daylight opened its doors to its next crossover, this time it included the Netflix series Stranger Things.

However, two years later and the Dead By Daylight fans are now having to say goodbye to the content. This will mean that anything relating to the series including the Underground Complex Map and anything that you can now purchase from the store, will be gone for good. Including the characters Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, and The Demogorgon

Worry not though, as anything you have already purchased between now and the deadline date will be yours to keep forever. So make sure you don’t miss out, the deadline date is this November 17th, 2021.

To help with this, most of the Stranger Things content will be going on sale this August 18th.

Stranger Things Character Sale: August 18th – November 17th (2PM ET)

  • Nancy Wheeler – 50% Off 
  • Steve Harrington – 50% Off 
  • The Demogorgon – 50% Off 

Stranger Things Outfits:

On Nov. 17, all collections and outfits related to Stranger Things will no longer be available for purchase in Dead by Daylight.  
Players who have already purchased any of the Stranger Things outfits listed below own them and can continue equipping them after Nov. 17 when they are no longer for sale.  
Players who wish to purchase any of these outfits between now and Nov. 17 can do so at full price, or within our sale window at half price, and also retain access to them after they are no longer available in store.

Stranger Things Outfit Sale: August 18th – September 8th (11am EDT)  
Nancy Wheeler 

  • Business ’85 – 50% Off 
  • Justice Seeker – 50% Off 
  • Snow Ball Dress – 50% Off 
  • Days of Rose – 50% Off 
  • Impulsive Activist– 50% Off 

Steve Harrington 

  • Scoops Away – 50% Off 
  • Last-Minute Babysitter – 50% Off 
  • This-Is-Not-Happening – 50% Off 
  • High School Hunk – 50% Off 
  • Jonathan Byers – 50% Off 

The Demogorgon 

  • Escaped Specimen – 50% Off 
  • Twisted Demogorgon – 50% Off 
  • Geo Mutation – 50% Off 

SOURCE: DeadByDaylight

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