Dead Space Remake – 40 Minute gameplay footage

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2nd and 3rd chapter of the Dead Space Remake lands on YouTube

Official gameplay footage of EA’s Dead Space made it to YouTube highlighting expectations fans may have for the game. The video features 40 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay but should not be taken as a fully accurate representation of the game, as the game is still a long way from release. Some noticeable enhancements to the game are the graphics and audio, especially in regard to the protagonist Isaac Clarke, who now speaks throughout the game.

The Creative Director for the game Roman Campos-Oriola, states how they made serious attempts at replicating the feelings of dread and horror that were encapsulated in the original series. Roman Campos-Oriola mentioned three aspects of the game they are focusing on to bring about a truly terrifying experience. The first one is trying to fully immerse players by making them feel like they are genuinely trapped in space and helpless against a horde of vicious Necromorphs. The second thing is to make the setting and atmosphere of the USG Ishimura as believable as possible, and lastly, implementing a feature he calls “strategic action”. This feature allows you to selectively shoot off individual parts of your enemy such as a leg to slow them down.

Footage of the second and third chapters of Dead Space can be seen down below with sections of Isaac Clarke in the control room trying to restart the ship’s engines.

Giving Isaac Clarke the ability to talk now makes the game more cinematic and authentic as he actively narrates his plans to repair the Ishimura’s Centrifuge and fuel lines as well as shouting out his crewmates names when they are in danger.

Another immersive addition the game makes is the nearly non-existent presence of loading screens when traversing through the Ishimura. As Isaac Clarke you can seamlessly move between areas such as the cargo holds and medical areas without taking a break from the action waiting for a loading screen to load in assets. This would be impossible in the original due to hardware limitations, but current-gen consoles are more than capable of handling this extra load with ease.

The team at Motive strongly insist that the game they will deliver will be more than just a graphic overhaul of the game, but instead a game brought up to current gaming standards while retaining the original themes of the OG Dead Space. The inclusion of another feature known as the “Intensity Director” is proof of this, with the Intensity Director being a spawn and encounter system that will chuck enemies out of nowhere to maintain a level of dread. The Intensity Director is also responsible for regulating the atmosphere, modifying things like the lighting, fog and sounds to constantly keep you at your wits end. This feature would be incredibly interesting to see play out in-game as the game in itself is already terrifying as it is.

The Dead Space remake will be arriving on Steam, the Epic Games Store, the Microsoft Store and PlayStation store on January 27th, 2023.

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