Dragon Age 4 – New ‘Game Awards 2020’ Trailer Arrives.

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The latest Game Awards event took place yesterday and despite the on-going pandemic that the world is still facing this year, it thankfully did not stop the event which proved to yet again be packed with new and exciting announcements.

Though Dragon Age 4 (which the title seems to be getting known as at present, but chances are it won’t be keeping that name. Who knows?) was officially announced back in 2018 after seeing a cancellation of it’s former name ‘Joplin’ and then restarted.

Anyway long story short, a new teaser trailer was revealed at the latest Game Awards show. The new trailer managed to show various new and different locations, alongside brief scenes of what seems to be the new protagonist. The trailer also showed the Dreaded Wolf Solas who managed to break hearts back in Dragon Age Inquisition.

Unfortunately no release date or confirmed platform has been announced thus yet. However, one would assume that the game would be released on the usual PC, Playstation 4/5 and XBox Series X/S platforms, the game has also been hinted at a possible 2023-2024 release but of course nothing is as yet been confirmed so take it with a pinch of salt, so to speak.

You can watch the new trailer below…

  • GAME: Dragon Age 4
  • DEVELOPER: Bioware
  • GENRE: Action RPG
  • SOURCE: Youtube
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