DROS – Puzzle Adventure Title Goes Live On Kickstarter

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Upcoming puzzle adventure title that has been heavily inspired by classic fantasy films such as Labyrinth, Willow and The Dark Crystal has now entered Kickstarter.

The DROS Kickstarter campaign has currently been met with 20% of its its total goal since going live on Kickstarter recently, and has 29 days left to find the remaining amount.

The goals in which fans will hopefully be backing includes; a Nintendo Switch release, a hidden village, an extended soundtrack, illustrated scenes and backstory, and many more.. The ultimate goal, which can be met if the game reaches $125,000, is a port to both the Playstation 5 and XBox Series X/S

As for the game itself, DROS is said to feature dual-character mechanics, where the main character is a dying Bounty Hunter. As well as hand crafted art, and a slimy buddy named Little Dros.

The gameplay style is said to be rather similar to that of Zelda Links Awakening, The Secret of Monkey Island and ICO. With plenty of humour and strange characters.

The team over at emergeWorlds also released a free playable demo for those who might be interested, before then perhaps making up their mind on whether or not to back the game. You can check out the demo below, as well as learn more about the game through their Kickstarter page below..

  • DEVELOPER: emergeWorlds
  • PUBLISHER: emergeWorlds
  • PLATFORM: PC, Nintendo Switch
  • GENRE: Puzzle, Adventure
  • SOURCE: Steam, Kickstarter
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