Dusk Diver 2 – The High School Anime RPG Is Set To Release On PS4, Switch & PC

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A new Dusk Diver 2 teaser site and trailer has been primed and located

Although nothing much is known about the title right now having only just been revealed, what we do know and can gather from this latest trailer is that Dusk Diver 2 will be happening. It is also expected to be releasing this winter for the Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. However, considering that both the teaser site and trailer are in Japanese, it means that this winter release may only apply to the Asian regions. Though, it is probably likely to arrive on the western shore eventually.

The original Dusk Diver was released back in 2019, where it pitted players in the shoes of an ordinary school girl who at the time was enjoying a normal school life. However, that was all to come to an end when our school girl discovered that she had the ability to speak and fight alongside Guardians, so as a newly formed team they must take on the evil Phantoms who are hell bent on taking over the human realm.

The game featured many optional side quests, character bonding and a rather interesting story. You can find our review for the original game linked below..

At present we are unsure if this new sequel will be an actual sequel or a prequel. However, going by the trailer it does seem likely that we will be once again in the shoes of our favourite female school girl, Yumo, who of course was the main protagonist in the first game.

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