EA Play Live 2021 – Fans Should Not Expect To See Anything Dragon Age Or Mass Effect At Next Event

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Disappointment for those who were hoping to see anything new regarding both the latest Dragon Age and Mass Effect titles, don’t worry we share your pain.

The next EA Play Live event is set to take place this July 22nd (10:00 PT / 18:00 BST) and is said to feature many new and exciting titles, perhaps even some unexpected surprises too who knows? However, what we do know is that fans should not expect any of these games to be related to either Dragon Age or Mass Effect.

The news regarding the two titles came from the official BioWare Twitter channel, which had the following to say..

The next Dragon Age was officially announced back in 2020 at the Video Game Awards, alongside the next Mass Effect title.

Since then the team over at BioWare have officially cancelled their plans to continue working on the future of their Anthem title. This was done so that they could spend more of their time developing both Dragon Age and Mass Effect instead.

Lately there has been some reports going around regarding a possible remake of the space horror title Dead Space, maybe even a new entry into the series altogether. We will just have to wait and see, for now roll on July 22nd

SOURCE: Twitter


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