Elden Ring – Main Story Said To Be ‘Around 30 Hours Long’. Game Goes Gold.

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The release of the highly anticipated Souls-like title is only 4 weeks away now, though that probably feels like an eternity for some gamers out there.

Anyway, a recent interview with the Elden Ring producer, Yasuhiro Kitao, has surfaced. Though it was quite an interesting interview overall, the main key points relating to the upcoming title is that Elden Ring has now gone gold. Meaning that there should not be any more delays and that the overall development of the game is now complete.

As well as going gold, it was also confirmed that Elden Ring is said to last ‘around 30 hours’, that is if your mainly playing for the main story campaign. However, it was also confirmed that in order to truly explore the world it would require multiple playthroughs, this is mainly due to branching points towards the end of the game.

It was also confirmed that Elden Ring will feature a New Game+ mode, which will play out very similarly to the Dark Souls titles in terms of gamers being able to bring in items and weapons from their previous playthrough and take on much more difficult opponents in their next playthrough. Thus with each new playthrough the game will ultimately get increasingly more difficult.

Elden Ring will be the team’s first title to use open field design, where the past Souls-like titles seemed rather linear, Elden Ring will be much more vast giving players the chance to explore a much bigger gameplay environment. The story is also said to be based on a mythology by George R. R. Martin, who is most notably known for his work on the popular fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones.

The interview with Yasuhiro Kitao comes from the latest Taipei Game Show and you can learn and watch more of the interview below.

Elden Ring will be releasing on February 25th on the PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, XBox One, and XBox Series X/S


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