Elusive People – New Adventure Title Gets Revealed With This Latest Teaser. Coming To PC & Console 2023.

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The Elusive People is an upcoming adventure title by the developers over at Chibig. It has been announced for both PC and console and will be arriving at some point in 2023.

Though the details regarding this upcoming title is rather scarce, having just been revealed with this latest teaser.

What we do know is that this will be an adventure title where you will control miniature ‘elusive people’, in their attempts to survive a world full of danger. Players will also be able to explore buildings and make new friends. So I guess it is safe to assume that we can think somewhat along the lines of the 1997 film, The Borrowers.

The team over at Chibig have also released several new screenshots of the game, one of which features an adorable black cat. Well that’s me sold.

You can check out the latest screenshots and teaser trailer below..

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