Escape From Naraka – Inspired By Titles Such As Doom. New Survival Platform Title Releasing July 29

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Journey to another realm to save your beloved from an evil demon named Rangda the Leyak Queen

Escape From Narka is a new upcoming first-person 3D Platform title that has been inspired by titles such as Doom. Featuring various traps, puzzles and of course challenging platforms. Do you have what it takes to survive and save your beloved?

Escape from Naraka is a first-person action platformer with exotic Balinese themes. Taking huge inspiration from Balinese legends and local mythologies, the game makes you platform your way through a nightmarish temple. Every level will challenge you through several themed stages, each of which giving you new trials to complete. You will have to master the arts of dodging and timing to be able to survive! What are you waiting for? Wishlist now and challenge yourself!


  • Exotic Balinese themed levels full of platforming challenges, traps, and adversities
  • Terrifying enemies that bar the way to your freedom
  • Unique abilities which are essential for your successful escape
  • Lots of secrets to uncover for those who are keen enough to find them
  • Leaderboards for each level and one for the complete run so you can see how you fare against others
  • Original soundtracks with Balinese instrument
  • 3D scan technology was used to build this unique world, so most of the environmental assets exist in real life


Escape From Naraka is set to release this July 29th on PC

You can watch a trailer of the game below..

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