(FF10-3) Final Fantasy X-3 : Apparently The Outline Still Exists. The Possibility Is There.

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According to the latest issue of the Weekly Famitsu magazine, which had a 30-page feature to dedicate the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy X. Included within this feature was a meeting with several members of the Square Enix team including; Final Fantasy X character designer Tetsuya Nomura, event director Motomu Toriyama and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima

In this meeting the team were asked if there was a possibility of a Final Fantasy X-3, in which they replied with the following ‘Nojima has more or less written an outline of what a Final Fantasy X-3 would look like if it existed,” Nomura said. “[The audio drama] Final Fantasy X: Will and [novel sequel] Final Fantasy X-2.5 were written based on this. It’s dormant now, but the concept itself exists.’

Toyama added, “The possibility isn’t zero. But I can’t talk about it until we finish production on Final Fantasy VII Remake first.”

Final Fantasy X was first released back in 2001 and managed to sell 1.4 million copies in pre-orders alone, making it the fastest-selling console RPG at the time.

As for Final Fantasy X-2 that was originally released back in 2003 where it managed to sell 1.94 million copies in Japan, making it the highest-selling game of the year

As of October 2013 both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 managed to sell a combined 14 million copies worldwide on the Playstation 2.

So the success of these games is quite obvious and there is no doubt that a third entry to the series would probably follow suit. However, is another entry to a series that already has a sequel necessary?

Of course we, as mentioned, would need to wait until they complete Final Fantasy VII Remake for any further news on this. We also don’t know when that will happen as the second part has yet to get a release date, the latest update for Final Fantasy VII Remake came in the form of an upgraded version of the Playstation 4 title alongside new Yuffie character dlc.

There has also been numerous reports of the team wanting to create remakes of the older games, titles that have so far been rumoured include both Final Fantasy VI and our personal favourite, Final Fantasy VIII. However, actions speak louder than words and with this, until proven otherwise, we suggest that people take take any rumour with a pinch of salt. What the team plan to do once Final Fantasy VII Remake is complete is anyone’s guess

SOURCE: Gematsu, Ryokutya2089, Famitsu

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