(FF16) Final Fantasy XVI – Scenario Complete But Could Miss TGS 2021

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Everything seems to be coming along rather nicely for the latest and up coming title to the Final Fantasy series, with both the scenario complete and the voice recording now in its final phase (this also includes the English voice overs). However, apparently fans should not expect to see it during the TGS 2021 event.

The announcement and information came during a recent Final Fantasy XIV stream, which featured Naoki Yoshida, who is known by his fans as Yoshi-P and the man behind the Final Fantasy XIV MMO.

Despite the development process coming along rather nicely for Final Fantasy XVI, Naoki Yoshida mentioned that there may not be enough of the game that he is willing to share with fans right now, thus having the game at this years TGS event seems to be very unlikely. So maybe when the time is right Square Enix will have their own special event to dedicate the game to? Who knows…

However, here is the translated message that was said by Naoki Yoshida himself.

”We have all the scenarios set in stone already, and the voice recording for the English version is in its final stages. Development is going well. It’s quite difficult to make sure the quality is amazing. We want the next announcement to be something where everyone watches an says “I’m going to buy this game!” Thus, we are putting a lot of effort to make sure the quality is great […] I want to show something at TGS, but I’m not sure if we will make that deadline. I don’t like throwing out bits to string people along with small updates, so I want to show it when it’s ready.”

Final Fantasy XVI is said to be a Playstation 5 title and it is currently unclear if the game will be releasing on any other platform.

TGS 2021 is said to be taking place this September 30th and ends on October 3rd.

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