Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project – New Fan Made Project Reveals The Reimagining Of Classic RPG

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A team of fans, lead by Dan Eder, have revealed a new reimagining teaser trailer for the classic RPG title, Final Fantasy IX

Currently being known as the Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project, this latest trailer manages to give fans a look at what the nostalgic title could look like with modern day graphics.

The trailer, which has been named as Welcome to Alexandria, mainly shows off the character of Vivi. The main spellcaster within the game.

The team responsible for this new creation are said to consist of professional developers and artists within the industry. With the original project said to of started back in 2020. However, it wasn’t until earlier this year did the actual development pick up. In fact this latest trailer is said to of come after 5 months of hard work.

The project will not be playable and for now the team will just be focusing on the Alexandria gameplay. With plans to later work on the cinematics and combat sequences.

Dan Eder, who is actually the senior 3D character artist for the upcoming fighting title, MultiVersus. Mainly set out to create this project and get a visualization on what a Final Fantasy IX remake could look like. The team also hope that Square Enix might notice this one day and create an actual official Final Fantasy IX remake.

Though Square Enix themselves, are still very busy with finishing the Final Fantasy VII remake, the team have mentioned that they might go onto to create remakes of the other titles within the series too. Some of the rumoured reports seem to suggest titles like Final Fantasy VI and even Final Fantasy VIII might be included in this list.

However, until we get an official word, everything said and mentioned should be taken with a pinch of salt. Until then enjoy the new fan made Final Fantasy IX trailer project below..

SOURCE: FFIX Memoria, PlaystationLifestyle, Gematsu

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