Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII Remaster – Get Twin Packs & Physical Editions

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It’s time to once again relive those amazing memories as two fantastic games are set to release as twin packs and psychical editions. Of course if you are new to these games then you are in for a treat!

Both Final Fantasy VII (Final Fantasy 7 for those who may be unfamiliar with roman numerals) and Final Fantasy VIII (Final Fantasy 8) are seeing their remastered versions (which was originally released in Asia back in 2019), get bundled into a twin pack together for the Nintendo Switch.

Also, that is not all as Final Fantasy VIII remaster is also getting released physically, be it separately, for the Playstation 4.

This is amazing news for Final Fantasy fans and personally I can see myself unable to resist such an offer.

Both the twin pack and the individual Final Fantasy VIII remaster will be releasing this December 4th

Both Final Fantasy VII Remaster and Final Fantasy VIII Remaster is also available on Xbox One, PC, iOS, and Android. As well as digitally for the PlayStation 4 and Switch


Final Fantasy VII / Final Fantasy VIII Remaster – Twin Pack

Final Fantasy VIII Remaster


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