Fishing: North Atlantic – Brave The High Seas On PS4 & XBox One NOW!

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Fishing: North Atlantic was originally released on PC back in October 2020, now the title makes its console debut on both the Playstation 4 and XBox One.

In Fishing: North Atlantic players explore the Canadian Nova Scotia whilst battling the seas in search of fish, this includes Tuna, Lobster, Snow Crab, Cod and more!

Fishing: North Atlantic is the sequel to 2018 Fishing Barents Sea and manages to feature over 27 different ships and and plenty of new fishing techniques to really get you hooked.

The sequel to the popular simulation game Fishing: Barents Sea invites you to put on your captain’s hat once again: Explore the large ocean of Nova Scotia, try your hand at entirely new fishing methods and enjoy huge range of highly detailed ships in the commercial fishing simulator Fishing: North Atlantic.

Fishing: North Atlantic offers you 27 ships at your disposal for all types of fishing styles and fishing techniques like the harpooning, which is used to hunt swordfish and tuna. Start with harpooning, then work your way up to setting deep lines, catching snow crabs or lobster. As well as longline, net and trawling. Do you have what it takes to fulfill this challenging task?


Fishing: North Atlantic is now available on both the Playstation 4 and XBox One. Fish On!

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