Godfall – New Intro Cinematic Released. Now Available To Pre-Order Digitally For PS5

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The new opening cinematic to the upcoming Action RPG title ‘Godfall‘ has been released.

The cinematic manages to capture the opening story of the Valorian Knight Macros playing the Order until war breaks out, and his army is victorious. As a player you control the character of a Valorian Knight that opposed Macros in their attempts to stop him from climbing to godhood status.

”If I’d left well enough alone, Macros would still be bullying rivals and battling enemies. Instead, he’s on the brink of godhood and our civilization lies in ruins. But Macros forgets what he said to me that day: Gods belong in the sky. Save Aperion. You are the last of the Valorian knights, masters of combat equipped with legendary armor called Valorplates. Ascend in Godfall, a first-of-its-kind, looter-slasher, melee action-RPG.”

Godfall is a brand-new, next-gen looter-slasher, set in a bright fantasy universe filled with heroic knights and arcane magic.

Embark on adventure in a fantasy action RPG that utilizes high-impact third-person melee combat to engage players as they hunt for loot, don legendary armour sets and defeat vicious enemies. Face challenging missions that reward you with head-turning loot as you vanquish the armies that stand against you.


Action role-playing

Counterplay Games is innovating with Godfall to provide a fresh take on third-person action combat, rewarding skill-based offensive gameplay and making every hit matter.


Face challenging missions that feed your yearning for the next best piece in your character build and amass loot that has a meaningful impact on gameplay.

Better together

Go it alone, or play with anyone at any time. Bosses and enemies have been designed with co-op in mind, boasting special abilities that counter multiple combatants attacking from different angles.

SOURCE: Playstation

Godfall is now available to pre-order digitally for the Playstation 5 via the official Playstation Store.

Godfall features several game editions including; Standard Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition and Ascended Edition.


Includes: (PRICED AT: £69.99)

  • The complete base game.  


  • PRICED AT: £89.99
  • The complete base game
  • Day-one access to Godfall’s first expansion, coming in 2021.  


  • The complete base game
  • Day-one access to Godfall’s first expansion, coming in 2021.  
  • Gold-themed digital goods to help you save Aperion in style: 
    • Gold Valorplate skins for Silvermane, Phoenix, and Greyhawk
    • 5x Gold weapon skins
    • Gold Shield skin
    • Gold Royal Banner skin
    • Unique multiplayer lobby title
    • Orange Valorplate skin for Vertigo
  • PRICED AT: £99.99

Godfall is currently in development by the team at Counterplay Games. The game is expected to release for the Playstation 5 and PC in November 12th for those in North America and November 19th for everyone else

  • GAME: Godfall
  • DEVELOPER: Counterplay Games
    PUBLISHER: Gearbox Publishing
  • November 12th 2020 – North America
  • November 19th 2020 – Europe
  • PLATFORM: Playstation 5, PC
    GENRE: Action RPG
    SOURCE: Playstation
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