Gotham Knights – New Cinematic Trailer Ups the Stakes!

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Gotham City is under new management.

After Warner Brothers dropped a gameplay trailer showcasing promising footage of Gotham Knights’ impeccable fighting sequences a few days ago, another story-driven trailer has just been released as well.

This new video – dubbed the Official Cinematic Launch Trailer – doesn’t quite show much in terms of overall plot, but it does put Alfred Pennyworth’s role into perspective.

Bruce Wayne’s seasoned butler looks to be the new heroes’ moral compass and emotional support, especially when the main protagonists are once again confirmed to be the mysterious Court of Owls, an organization said to be older than Gotham City itself.  

You can enjoy the new cinematic launch trailer here:

Source: DC (YouTube)

With Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood still gelling together as a band of misfit heroes, they will require more than powerful martial arts and sophisticated gadgets to oust Batman’s former supervillains and deadly rivals.

In fact, it was Batman’s genius intellect and intense personality that made him both respected and feared, though the new Knights will bring a more diverse collection of talents onto the table.

They need to be at their best because their foes are S-class criminals that have known to give Batman a run for his money – literally!

Here’s Gotham KnightsVillains Trailer showing just a few of the biggest baddies wreaking havoc in Gotham City:

Source: DC (Youtube)

The Heroes

Gotham Knights will be an open-world action RPG set in a non-canonical timeline unrelated to the previous Batman: Arkham series.

However, it does borrow gameplay elements and mechanics from its predecessors, expanding them to accommodate multiplayer for the newer generation of Batman fans.

And when it comes to multiplayer, more characters need to be added into the fray.

Here’s a brief overview of all 4 heroes that are playable in Gotham Knights:


  • Originally Batman’s second Robin, Jason Todd was subsequently murdered by the Dark Knight’s most deranged criminal, the Joker.
  • In a turn of events, Todd finds himself revived by one of Batman’s greatest enemies, adopting a more ruthless persona after begrudgingly blaming Batman for allowing his death.
  • Calling himself the Red Hood, he was later defeated by Batman but had since followed a path towards redemption, adopting non-lethal methods of fighting.
  • Unique weapons: Pistols


  • Tim Drake is Batman’s current Robin, and the youngest of the group.
  • Although young, his maturity and wisdom is beyond his age, something that helped Batman through some tough times in the past.
  • With Jason Todd and Dick Grayson both leaving their roles as Robin, it was up to Drake to take on the mantle of Batman’s trusted sidekick.
  • Unique weapon: Quarterstaff


  • Barbara Gordon is the daughter of ex-police commissioner, Jim Gordon.
  • Joining Batman in his crime-fighting escapades as Batgirl, she suffered a life-threatening spinal injury that later confined her to a life in a wheelchair.
  • However, her determination was great, and she continued to assist Batman as Oracle, using her technological smarts and cyber expertise to good use.
  • After years of rehab, Barbara is now back as Batgirl, and is committed to protecting Gotham City after Batman’s death.
  • Unique weapon: Tonfa


  • The first Robin, Dick Grayson came from a loving circus family that mastered acrobatics.
  • After the deaths of his parents, Bruce Wayne took him under his wing, later mentoring him as Batman.
  • Although he was a very prominent Robin, Grayson would later choose to become his own superhero, fighting for justice as Nightwing instead.
  • After Batman’s apparent death, Grayson returned to the group in order to continue the Bat legacy.
  • Unique weapons: Combat sticks

With such distinct personalities in the Bat family, it will be curious to see how they will work together to protect the innocent people of Gotham City this time around.

Gotham Knights will be playable on the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S starting from 21st October 2022.

Source: Gotham Knights, DC YouTube

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