Gotham Knights – Things Are Spicing Up With A New Gameplay Trailer

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When one knight falls, four more takes his place.

A new Gotham Knights’ gameplay trailer has just been released in line with the game’s official release in exactly 2 weeks’ time.

Showcasing a montage of all the heroes in action – plus footages of supervillains like Mr. Freeze and The Penguin – things are definitely going to get wild when you return to patrol the streets of Gotham City.

Here’s the gameplay trailer in all its glory:

There’s plenty to digest from the short 2-minute video, especially of our playable heroes Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood.

Each character possesses distinct abilities and gadgets at their disposal, and different players can chain their attacks to prolong combos as well.

The previous Batman: Arkham series was renowned for its incredibly fluid yet interconnected combat, something that modern Spider-Man games might have taken inspirations from.

Apart from the usual goons and mobsters, many well-known baddies like Harley Quinn and Clayface also made cameos in the video, although the main storyline is confirmed to revolve around the mysterious shadow organization, the Court of Owls.

A few notable content creators have already played an early preview build of the game, with one uploaded by YouTuber, MKIceAndFire:

We’ll just have to stay strong for another two weeks before we can get our hands on the actual game too!


Following the deaths of Batman and police commissioner, Jim Gordon, the city’s underworld gangs and murderous villains are now running amok.

With the police losing the battle to keep the streets safe, it’s up to Batman’s former disciples to save their beloved Gotham City from falling into ruins.

Are they ready to shoulder the same responsibilities as the legendary Batman did?

Gotham Knights adopts the same combat mechanics that previous Batman: Arkham games were known for, albeit expanded upon to cater to the different heroes.

The developers, WB Games Montreal, clearly did not reject this outright, stating:

“The main playable characters – Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin – all have unique combat and traversal abilities that are brand-new to Gotham Knights.”

– FAQ section, Gotham Knights website

Gotham City will be open-world for us to explore, and numerous side quests will unlock special secondary plots that lead up to confrontations with the many criminal heads roaming the city.

However, the main storyline of Gotham Knights will heavily involve the secret Court of Owls society instead, an organization that is nothing more than a myth or fiction for the people of Gotham City – or so they thought.

Gotham Knights will be playable on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S starting from 21st October 2022.

Source: WB Games Montreal Twitter account, Gotham Knights website

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