Granblue Fantasy: Versus – The Lord Commander Vira Joins The Roster This December

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The Lord Commander Vira becomes the next dlc character to be added to Granblue Fantasy: Versus, she will be gracing us with her presence this December

Raised in the fortress city of Albion Citadel, Vira grew up alongside Katalina, whom she loved as a sister and worshiped as an idol. Following in Katalina’s footsteps, Vira quickly rose through the ranks as a prodigious blademaster and an astute tactician. Adoration, however, warped into deadly obsession when Katalina purposely lost to Vira in a duel for the title of Lord Commander, and the younger woman was left stranded in Albion while the person she adored most sailed into the endless blue sky.

A new teaser trailer announcement has also been released into the online wilderness, you can check that out below..

This announcement comes after the team over at Granblue Fantasy Versus streamed their summer livestream

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