GRIME – Is Now Set To Release On Stadia Alongside PC This August 2

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Destroy… Absorb… Grow this August as the Metroidvania and Souls-like title ‘GRIME’ releases on both PC and Stadia

The announcement came exclusively through IGN, which gave more details on the title and story. They go on to say that GRIME will feature both Action and RPG elements, as well as 2D gameplay and the ability to absorb enemies’ powers in order to then be able to use them yourself.

As well as IGN the announcement also came from the official GRIME Twitter page, which confirmed the release of the Stadia and PC versions of the game.

Alongside that a brand new release date trailer was also revealed. In this new trailer you can see a wide range of strange and hideous array of enemies

  • DEVELOPER: Clover Bite
  • PUBLISHER: Akupara Games
  • RELEASE DATE: August 2nd, 2021
  • PLATFORM: Stadia, PC
  • GENRE: Metroidvania, Souls-like
  • SOURCE: IGN, Twitter
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  • GRIME – General News

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