Grow: Song Of The Evertree – Plant & Create New Worlds In Latest Sandbox Adventure. Releasing November 16

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Grow: Song Of The Evertree is a new and upcoming sandbox adventure title where players can create new worlds and shape new communities.

The game was first announced back in June and features a story that is focused around a magical and mysterious tree known as the Evertree, which holds the world of Alaria together. Unfortunately this tree is slowly fading and transforming into a mere sapling. As the last remaining Everheart Alchemist it is your task to care for it and keep the world together.

Over time, the Worlds of Alaria faded. The Evertree – where many worlds resided on its countless branches – is now nothing more than a sapling, its splendor long erased from memory. No one knows how to make it grow. But you are different. You hear the sun as it sings across the sky. You hear the language of rain against the earth. You are the last of the Everheart Alchemists and it is your ancestral task and privilege to care for the Evertree.

Discover a Vibrant Unique World… at Your Own Pace
Find unique places, blooming with fantastic fauna and flora as you are encouraged to explore this beautiful world at your own pace. How do you want to spend your time? Exploring caves and solving puzzles, collecting minerals and flowers, fishing or catching bugs … it’s up to you!

Grow You Own Worlds!
Learn to craft World Seeds through Alchemy to generate totally new worlds with unique characteristics. Tend those worlds to rejuvenate them and see how they change, and watch as new properties emerge before your very eyes! You can generate unique meadows, deserts, frozen worlds and… oh, well… Alchemy is not an exact science, some seeds may contain unexpected surprises.

Meet New People and Create A Community!
Get to know interesting and unique characters, listen to their stories, and help them when they need it. You can make them happier by finding a place for them to stay, helping them land their dream job, or gifting them accessories and decorations.

Build the Town of Your Dreams
Grow offers an impressive catalogue of the cutest buildings and structures to create the town you want. Place them freely and customize them to make sure it feels like home!


Players can now take part in the beta by signing up for it here

Grow: Song Of The Evertree is said to be releasing this November 16th on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

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