Guardians Of Hyelore – Recruit Your Army This September On PC

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Guardians Of Hyelore is a new and upcoming real-time strategy title for the PC, where players are required to recruit various different troops in your attempts to create a powerful army unit.

These units can then be sent to attack the enemies and their towers, doing so you can then restore peace back to the once peaceful Realm of Hyelore

Recruit your Units
Find the right balance between frontline warriors, supporting clerics, ranged archers, and destructive mages to bring you victory in each battle. With 150+ enemies across 35 campaign missions, each including a powerful boss enemy to defeat, you’ll need to manage your economy carefully, so that your troops will have the support they need to win!

Summon your Guardian
While regular foot troops are the bread and butter of any army, they need someone to lead them! Who better than your Guardian, the most powerful heroes to walk the lands of Hyelore? Choose your favorite Guardian to support your troops, whether charging from the front, or healing from the back, and lead your forces to victory.

Customize your Strategy
Choose passive abilities after each mission that change how you build your army. Give your frontline troops more health, make your healers twice as effective, or lower the cost to hire archers. Spend points earned through missions and achievements to upgrade your troops, carefully deciding which ones will become the most powerful and effective. Unlock powerful new abilities for your Guardian to turn the tide of battle!


Guardians of Hyelore is scheduled to release this September 29th on PC

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