Guilty Gear: Strive – The Newly Released Fighting Title Manages To Sell 300k Units Worldwide

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Guilty Gear: Strive was only released back on June 8th and a mere week later the title has skyrocketed to selling a massive 300,000 units worldwide

The cutting-edge 2D/3D hybrid graphics pioneered in the Guilty Gear series have been raised to the next level in “GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-“. The new artistic direction and improved character animations will go beyond anything you’ve seen before in a fighting game!

The news came from the official ArcSystemWorks Twitter channel..

In which they posted

‘Bursting onto the scene strong from the start Guilty Gear -Strive- ships 300k units worldwide! Sparkles
We thank everyone for supporting us and will continue to rock on to greater heights!’

SOURCE: Twitter

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