Guilty Gear: Strive – The Samurai ‘Baiken’ Gets Announced As Next DLC Character

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The wandering Samurai, Baiken, has been announced as the next dlc character to be added to Guilty Gear Strive.

Baiken’s announcement marks the fourth character to be announced as part of the Season One pass, which currently also consists of Goldlewis, Jack-O and Happy Chaos. There is still one more character that has yet to be revealed.

Alongside new characters, the Season One pass also includes new additional colours, stages, and a new additional story. Some of which have already been released, whilst other content is expected to release next year.

You can still purchase the Season One Pass for $29.99 or you can get the individual characters such as Baiken for $6.99. Though no specific release date for Baiken was announced, it looks like fans can expect sometime in January.

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