Guns Undarkness – New Stealth RPG Announced Features Music Created By Persona Series Composer, Shoji Meguro

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A new stealth role-playing game has been announced for the PC and it features music by the iconic Persona series composer, Shoji Meguro. However, that is not all as Shoji Meguro also managed to design and develop the game too.

It was recently announced that Shoji Meguro was leaving, and has now already left, the Atlus studio in order to become more of an independent freelancer. However, it was also said that he had been helping to create a new indie title and up until now, that title had yet to be announced.

Guns Undarkness is said to combine both stealth and role-playing elements in one complete game. With turn-based gameplay and the ability to use firearms.

The story takes place in 2045 where a nuclear war has destroyed a great chunk of the world. Players must control a member of the Private Military Company and help create a better future.

The game has yet to be given an official release date. However, when it does get released you can expect it out on PC. For now you can enjoy the new Japanese reveal trailer below..

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