Halo Infinite – Campaign Download Size Confirmed. Physical Discs Do Not Contain Playable Game Data

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Only a mere few hours remain before players can get their hands on the latest Halo campaign. However, before then the Halo Support team have revealed the download sizes and space that will be required in order to begin playing.

Surprisingly Halo Infinite’s campaign mode download will be much smaller if you already have the multiplayer mode up and running. The multiplayer mode first became available as a playable beta this past November 15th.

Anyway the sizes for those without any previous Halo Infinite instalments is said to be around 48.42GB for both the multiplayer and campaign mode. Whilst the multiplayer mode is set at 26.53GB.

For those that already have Halo Infinite installed, you can expect the download for the campaign mode to be around 25.86GB. A new update is also coming to the multiplayer which will be roughly 3.97GB.

So quite a vast difference and of course all sizes can differ depending on your chosen platform.

For those who own a physical version of the game and therefore a physical disc, you will need to wait until the game goes live before you can begin playing. The reason for this is that the disc does not actually contain game data, it merely acts as an installer.

The times for when the game will be going live has been revealed, though for people in New Zealand, Japan, and Australia the waiting time is until the early hours of December 9th.

These times apply to those who have purchased the digital version, physical version, and through XBox Game Pass. So basically everyone.

  • New Zealand – 7AM, 9th December
  • Australia – 5AM, 9th December
  • Japan – 3AM, 9th December
  • Europe – 7PM, 8th December
  • UK – 6PM, 8th December
  • US East Coast – 1PM, 8th December
  • US West Coast – 10AM, 8th December

SOURCE: Twitter

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