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Currently available on Early Access, Hammerting is a game where players control a dwarven mining colony in their desperate struggle for survival.

Hammerting is a vertical dwarven mining colony sim with RPG elements.

Manage a clan of colourful Dwarves, establish an epic mining operation, craft legendary swords and delve deep for greater glory, riches… and danger.

With a conflict raging on the surface, the Dwarves pledge to delve deep and as master craftspeople, will produce and supply what is needed to support their allies. From humble beginnings, you start with a handful of Dwarves who need to set up their operations quickly. However, as you progress, your small clan will expand and become known throughout the Overworld for their skill and premium craftsmanship.

Crafting for Victory

Allies on the surface will have all manner of requests. Dwarves may find themselves asked to craft a plethora of silver swords against an oncoming vampire army, or alternatively, for an elf princess’ coronation, they’ll be tasked with creating nothing less than a Legendary Diamond-Encrusted Gold Crown of Divine Ruling +3.

With the Overworld in need, every successful delivery takes you one step closer to triumph. As your Dwarves grow in skill and your base expands, build conveyor belts and elevators to free them of manual labour.

Colorful Personalities

Does Åglöf’s fancy ancestry clash with Vargskreva’s humble upbringing? Is your explorer afraid of the dark? Has your master crafter reached their Ballmer Peak? Aim for success and exploit the strengths of your Dwarves, as well as their weaknesses. Each Dwarf is richly and uniquely defined through its stats, Dwarven ancestry, traits, abilities, equipment, move-set and much more, as they are shaped by events occurring in their lives.


Alongside the release date announcement, there is also a new crafting update too which introduces exploration changes, lair scaling and various overhauls..


Epic Crafting!

  • When crafting an item, there is now a chance for the item to get a rarity level and become extra awesome.
  • The rarity levels are: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Mythic.
  • This makes the item overall better and worth more coin!


  • The classic Lantern can now be equipped in the toolbelt and yields a bonus to vision range and to Exploration.
  • The Grandmother’s Lantern has been added. You can find one in the start chest.
  • The Explorer’s Lantern has been added. It requires a Star of Mara to craft.
  • Dwarves will equip vision extending items (AKA lanterns) when executing a move order, and when idling, if they have one.

Armor & Rings!

  • Added armors: Skulker’s Armor, Soldier’s Armor, Worker’s Clothes.
  • Added rings: Armored Ring, Half Round Ring, Thimble Ring, Signet Ring.
  • Both armor and rings affect their wielder in different ways, so choose wisely.
  • Dwarves can now equip two rings and a piece of armor, in addition to the toolbelt.
  • Armor and Rings are now influenced by the materials used to craft them.

Gemmed Rings!

  • Rings can be combined with a gem, yielding a powerful artifact!


  • Explorers now (finally!) gain experience from exploring, finding new biomes and from discovering new locations in the cave.
  • Explorers also get experience from harvesting and rummaging items in the world.
  • Explorers can critically succeed and fail when rummaging, spawning double (or no) loot.
  • General move orders (without having a dwarf selected), and harvest/rummage orders, will now only be executed by dwarves with the Explorer profession allowed.
  • Dire Tunnels now reduces vision range.
  • Location discoveries are now made upon actually seeing them. This will not take effect on old save games, in fact it may work a little worse there.
  • Vision range base value slightly reduced, and vision range also increases slower.

Lair Scaling!

  • Enemy lairs are now stronger further down, and have unique modifiers applied to them, and to the creatures they spawn. Look out for their strengths and weaknesses!
  • Enemy lairs are given three different modifiers (buffs/debuffs).
  • One base modifier affecting many values, based on how deep in the cave the lair is.
  • One positive modifier, mostly affecting one or two values, also based on how deep in the cave the lair is.
  • One negative modifier, mostly affecting one or two values.
  • Enemy Waves: If multiple lairs want to send a wave, the most aggressive, or closest, one will do it.
  • Enemy Waves: Lairs no longer has a chance to not spawn a wave if they can.
  • Enemy Waves: Playing at a harder enemy level increases the amount of enemies in early waves.
  • Enemy Waves: Undiscovered lairs will only send small groups of enemies.
  • Lair base health has been significantly reduced, but they have a bit of armor to compensate.
  • Lairs now show their current modifiers in their tooltip.
  • You do have to start a new game for this to take proper effect.

Mountain Lore Overhaul!

  • After exploring the initial area, Mountain Lore gained from simply uncovering Unexplored areas diminishes quickly.
  • Mountain Lore is now awarded when making discoveries of various locations in the cave.
  • Mountain Lore is now awarded when discovering a new biome. A new notification has been added for this.
  • Mountain Lore description rewritten.
  • More Mountain Lore is now awarded for completing the harder cave missions, up to 25 or so.
  • More Mountain Lore is generally awarded for things further down in the cave.

Medium Vault!

  • Small Vault has been reduced in capacity, making it necessary for early-game but not viable for long.
  • Small Vault now requires Metallurgy.
  • Medium Vault requires Silver Ingots to be constructed. Silver has been tweaked to be slightly more plentiful in the cave, and has a small chance to be produced by Overworld mines.
  • Large Vault no longer requires any ingots. Instead it requires massive amounts of construction material and a Star of Mara. Knowledge requirement updated to match.

More languages!

  • Hammerting is now available in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Hammerting is now available in Polish.

You can read more here Steam

Hammerting will be dropping on PC and Steam this November 16th, whilst you are waiting you can always take part in the Early Access phase.

You can also watch the release date trailer below..

  • GAME: Hammerting
  • DEVELOPER: Warpzone Studios
  • PUBLISHER: Team17
  • RELEASE DATE: November 16th, 2021
  • GENRE: Colony Sim, Strategy
  • SOURCE: Steam
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