Hyper Scape – The Multiplayer Battle Royale Is Being Shut Down

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The multiplayer battle royale that was originally released back in August, 2020 is now being shut down, the team over at Ubisoft have confirmed.

During the beta phase of Hyper Scape all was going well, it was even considered to be one of the most watched games over on the popular streaming site, Twitch.tv. However, during October 2020, a mere two months after the games release, the team revealed that the game had failed to meet expectations.

Since then the game has gradually become even less popular and has not seen much in the way of big updates, in fact the last major update was back in April 2021 with the launch of season three.

The announcement regarding the shut down came from the official Hyper Space Twitter channel, which had not been active since June 2021. The team had the following to say regarding the shut down…


We have made the difficult decision to end development of Hyper Scape and shut the game down as of April 28th. We set out to create a vertical, close-quarters, and fast-paced shooter experience and we are extremely grateful to our community for joining us on our journey. We will be taking key learnings from this game into future products.

To the Hyper Scape community, thank you for your passion and dedication to the world of Neo Arcadia both inside and outside of the game. Your devotion to the game we built will always be cherished.

Reach out to us if you have questions.

Sincerely, Hyper Scape”

So in other words fans have until April 28th to enjoy Hyper Scape, when the plug gets pulled for good.

SOURCE: Ubisoft

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