ICO – New 20th Anniversary Development Video Surfaces

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A new early development video for the adventure platform title, Ico, has been revealed. The video comes as the game celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Ico was released in Japan back on December 6th, 2001. It pitted players as a young boy with horns, which many considered to be a bad omen.

The beginning of the game saw our protagonist being captured in a fortress, which is where the bulk of the game takes place. It is also here where we meet the daughter of the castle’s queen, Yorda.

Despite being a rather basic game, with only one real setting and not having a huge cast of characters. The title still managed to win several awards back in the day including; ‘Excellence in Level Design’, ‘Excellence in Visual Arts’, and the ‘Innovation Spotlight’ award.

As Ico celebrates its 20th anniversary, the team over at genDesign have released an early development video which goes on to show a combination of CG taken from the original Playstation and many other concepts. The game was also said to be given several different tracks which would become its main theme, before the team eventually decided to go with what we know today as ‘ICO-You were there’. The team mention that this video was created around 1998.

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