Interstellar Rift – Patch Update Is Said To Of Made Adjustments To The Teleporters, More!

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A new patch update has arrived to the Space Sim title, Interstellar Rift

Entitled as Patch Update is said to of made adjustments to the various Teleporters so that they will now only work for those who have access. The patch also included various balance updates too

Full details below..



  • Setting the amount to puchase on the faction desk no longer requires the player to press enter to confirm
  • Teleporters now only teleport people who have access
  • Added /c and /f commands for fleet/crew chat
  • Server admins are no longer counted towards the max server cap
  • Announce server to master server is now off by default


  • Rebalanced heat output for the shield generators so they have different values based on size
  • Rebalanced heat output of batteries (from 5 heat per tick for small to 2, and from 10 heat per tick for large to 5)
  • Thermal extractor can now hold twice as much Coolant and Heated Coolant
  • Increased thermal extractor cooling buffer
  • Tweaked demand and stock of Advanced missiles and nuclear fuel


  • Thermal Extractor now resets it’s inventory when spawned
  • Fixed a bug where old saves that needed to be upgraded could not be deleted
  • Fixed a bug where screen effects would not be visible when the GRIP was active
  • Fixed a bug where the screen effects of heat/cold would persist on loading/joining different galaxies
  • Fixed a bug with unextinguishable fires
  • Fixed power groups on the S3 Reaper
  • Fixed being unable to scroll the list of ships in the Vend-O-Tron
  • Entities with an unknown behavior now only log this once, instead of every tick
  • Fixed ping only showing for one server if multiple servers were sharing the same IP
  • Fixed system views not working on the holotable (known issue – moons make planets hard to select)
  • Fixed a bug where small repair drones would mine iron by putting iron in a crate
  • Fixed a bug where crates would allways be completely filled up when a ACTR would teleport a resource to a refinery
  • Fixed a crash in the Ship Options UI
  • Fixed a bug where the admin models would not show up when enabled unless the game was restarted
  • Fixed a server crash on picking up items from the refinery output
  • Fixed a bug with editor hover labels


  • Servers need to be updated



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