Judgment : Possible Footage From Sequel Emerges!

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The Japanese Judgment, or in the case of those in Japan the Judge Eyes, Twitter channel has posted possible clips from the upcoming Judgment sequel which some are classing as Judgment 2

Judgment was originally released back in 2018 for those in Asia and 2019 for those in the western parts of the world, a remastered version was also recently released on the Playstation 5, Stadia and XBox Series this past April 23rd.

It unlike the Yakuza series (which is also made by the same company) pits players as a young detective rather than a former Yakuza. So basically you are on the opposite side of the crime world, still just as crazy and chaotic however, you can view our Judgment review below..

Anyway, though nothing much is known about the sequel to Judgment one would assume that it is in the making after the original title managed to score great sales. It was also reported to of managed to sell 233,456 copies by January 2019 and Producer Daisuke Sato even stated that the Western sales of Judgment far surpassed sales expectations. So given all of that I think it would be safe to assume that yes a sequel is in the works and that it would indeed release west side.

With that as said the Japanese Judgment Judge Eyes Twitter channel did post a few short clips of this potential sequel, which you can see below..

Keep in mind that as their name suggests the Twitter channel is known for posting Judgment Remastered clips but some of these clips seem to be new, so what else can it relate to? Hmm.. No doubt as time goes on we will learn more….

The team over at SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku studios are currently planning an event this May 7th, the event is said to be called Judgment Day. So perhaps this will tell us more…

SOURCE: Twitter


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