Kings Bounty II – Elisa Gets Revealed As Third Playable Character

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Elisa joins the ranks of Kings Bounty II 2 as the third playable character, she will be joining alongside other playable characters such as Katharine.

Elisa is a peasant girl from Lorian who believes in her special mission to save all of Nostria. Her homeland in Lorian has been caught up in civil war for more than ten years. During a clash between farmers and mercenaries, Elisa suddenly acquired magic abilities that helped her push the enemy back, away from her village, and then away from all of Southern Lorian. Chosen by the will of her people, Elisa headed to the Universal Assembly. She wants the King to recognize her as legate on behalf of her people. In that way, she would gain access to military resources and other means of establishing order in Nostria.

A new trailer to go alongside her reveal was also released. In it we see Elisa go from a peasant girl to someone with determination.

You can watch this new trailer and, in case you missed it, the Katharine trailer below..

Kings Bounty II will be releasing this August 24th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.



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