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K’Sante is an all-purpose brawler, representing the pride of Nazumah.

League of Legends® (LoL) is welcoming a new champion into Summoner’s Rift, one that is culturally and traditionally different than many others currently available.

Hailing from the city-state of Nazumah located in the Shurima Continet, K’Sante is the latest melee combatant to join LoL.

This big, powerful warrior is a domineering monster hunter, using his impossibly big ntofos – massive, oversized tonfa made from exquisite rocks and materials – to bludgeon and destroy his enemies.

Here’s a short cinematic trailer introducing K’Sante:

Source: League of Legends (YouTube)

K’Sante is expected to be played as a fighter/ tank, controlling the top lane before joining team fights or ganks once properly levelled.

K’Sante is quite mobile for a melee brawler but he lacks the deadly blows that assassins like Fiora and Katarina are known for.

In a way, K’Sante plays like Vi and Olaf combined, though that might differ based on item build and playing style.

K’Sante’s gameplay trailer might provide better hints into his actual role on the map:

Source: League of Legends (YouTube)

K’Sante is expected to drop on 3rd November (Thursday), so we don’t have to wait too long to enjoy him for ourselves.

K’Sante’s Abilities

Favouring in-your-face setups, K’Sante is prepped with the ideal skillset to engage enemies, even in 1v3 situations.

Let’s see the abilities that K’Sante has to offer:

Dauntless Instinct (Passive)

  • Enemies affected by K’Sante’s offensive abilities are marked for a short duration.
  • Attacking the marked enemy deals damage plus maximum health physical damage, removing the mark afterwards.
  • [All Out] Attacking marked enemies deals physical damage plus maximum health true damage instead.

Ntofo Strikes

  • K’Sante slams his ntofo unto the ground, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies hit, collecting 1 stack for a brief duration.
  • Using Ntofo Strikes a second time on an enemy during this period accumulates a 2nd stack.
  • At 2 stacks, Ntofo Strikes creates a shockwave attack that damages and pulls enemies toward K’Sante instead of the normal physical attack.
  • [All Out] Ntofo Strikes’ cooldown is reduced, but the Slow effect on hits is removed.

Path Maker

  • Hold to charge: K’Sante uses his ntofos as a temporary shield, becoming Unstoppable while reducing reducing oncoming damage.
  • Release: K’Sante rams himself forward, dealing a percentage of maximum health physical damage, knocking back enemies, and stunning them for a brief moment depending on the charge time.
  • [All Out] Path Makers’s cooldown is refreshed, damage reduction is increased, additional physical damage is added based on charge time, and the charge speed and ramming speed are both doubled.


  • K’Sante dashes forward, creating a shield around him for a brief period.
  • If dashing towards an ally, both K’Sante and the teammate are shielded, and the dash distance is significantly further.
  • [All Out] Footwork’s dash speed is quicker, has increased range, and can pass through walls.

All Out (Ultimate)

  • K’Sante deals massive initial damage to an enemy while knocking them a huge distance away.
  • K’Sante instantly dashes at the end of the attack, breaking his ntofos’ exterior to reveal the blades hidden inside.
  • If the enemy hit is forced towards a wall, they suffer additional physical damage, knocked over the wall, and are stunned momentarily.
  • After the attack, K’Sante stays in All Out mode for an extended duration.
  • [All Out] K’Sante loses a percentage of his maximum health, bonus armour, and bonus magic resistance in exchange for boosted attack damage, omnivamp, and improving his other abilities.

K’Sante seems to be a fun champion to play with in LoL, and his release coincides with the introduction of the Empyrean skins too – one of which K’Sante receives as well.

We can’t wait to experience K’Sante for ourselves come this November.

League of Legends® is playable now on PC and Mac.

Source: Riot Games, League of Legends, YouTube

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