Little Orpheus – Indie Adventure Title Set To Hit Console & PC This March.

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Little Orpheus is an upcoming indie adventure title that has been developed by the team over at The Chinese Room, it is the definitive edition of the award-winning title that released on the Apple Arcade back in June 2020.

The game itself was set in the year 1962 where NASA is trying to put man on the moon.

Three years later he emerges claiming to have saved the world. He has also lost the atomic bomb powering the Little Orpheus. He is taken to a top-secret bunker deep below the Ural mountains to be debriefed by the fearsome General Yurkovoi, a man so frightening even Stalin won’t buy him a drink. The General rolls up his sleeves, fixes Ivan with a steely glare and say “So… where have you been comrade? And where is my bomb?” And Ivan looks him right back in the eye and says “Well General, you might not believe what happened to me, but I’ll do my best. Because it happened like this…”

Join our bold yet hapless hero as he explores lost civilizations, undersea kingdoms, prehistoric jungles and lands beyond imagination. Gasp as he battles the subhuman tribe of the Menkv and escapes the clutches of dreadful monsters! Cheer as he triumphs over impossible odds and brings socialism to the subterranean worlds!

Little Orpheus is a technicolor side-scrolling adventure game inspired by classic movies like Flash Gordon, Sinbad and The Land that Time Forgot. The platforming and light puzzles solving of Little Orpheus are simple enough for casual players but rich enough for seasoned adventure fans.


The definitive edition of Little Orpheus is said to feature previous bonus content, which includes the 9th episode A Rush of Onion to the Head and the Lost Recordings Mode.

A Rush of Onion to the Head featured our main protagonist adventuring through the brand new location of Perun, a mythical city which has been ruined by pollution.

Whilst the Head and the Lost Recordings mode managed to include the new game plus mode, new costumes, and even new collectibles for players to find and collect.

Little Orpheus Definitive Edition is said to be releasing on Playstation 5, XBox Series X/S, Playstation 4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this March 1st, 2022.

  • GAME: Little Orpheus
  • DEVELOPER: The Chinese Room
  • PUBLISHER: Secret Mode
  • RELEASE DATE: March 1st, 2022
  • PLATFORM: Playstation 5, XBox Series X/S, Playstation 4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC
  • GENRE: Indie, Adventure
  • SOURCE: Steam
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