Lost Judgment – New 5 Minute Gameplay Trailer Shows Both Skateboarding & Sonic The Hedgehog

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As the release of Lost Judgment comes ever closer, we are treated to yet another gameplay trailer. This latest trailer features an amazing 5 minutes worth of action packed excitement that is filled with mini games, combat mechanics and features.

Some of these mini games include Sonic the Hedgehog, skateboarding and even a dancing rhythm game. Outside of that we are also able to feast our eyes on what type of missions you can take part in, one of which seems to involve dog walking. I mean who doesn’t love walking dogs?

There was also a recent interview with Takuya Kimura (who portrays the Japanese version of the main protagonist, Yagami) and Toshihiro Nagoshi (who is the general director for the game).

In this interview they both go on to mention the game’s setting and how this time the game is mainly set in a high school, a place they class as a sensitive setting given the fact that it can be a prime location for bullying.

Another new area that has been added to the Judgment series is the city of Yokohama, which players will be able to experience and explore.

Lost Judgment’s story will be focused around Akihiro Ehara who has been accused of groping a woman on a crowded train. However, as it turns out this may not be the complete full story as the same man has also been accused of another crime. The problem is both of these crime he has been accused of occurred at the same time, how is this possible? Well that is up to Yagami to find out.

Lost Judgment will be releasing this September 24th on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, XBox One and XBox Series X/S

You can watch both the new gameplay trailer and the interview below…



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